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1. Are you open?

Well, if it says so on the website "snow report" we are! or you can always call the snow phone 781.828.5070.

2. Is it snowing/raining?

Why not check out the weather links on our site? Don't forget, many times it can be snowing here at the area, even if it's not where you are.

3. How much is a snow pass?

Make sure to check out the rates page on this site.

4. How are the roads?

They are usually pretty good, but check with the State police if you have concerns.

5. How do I get there?

You can also check out the Directions page on this site.

6. Do you have Gift Certificates?

Yes, in the office or on the website. You can use them anywhere at Blue Hills.

7. Can you send me Group Info?

Sure, or you can get it from the site. We accept groups of 20 or more people either for a day or for weekly programs.

8. Is my school skiing tonight?

Please check the calendar or call one of your advisors.

9. When are the kids programs?

Check the lessons page.

10. When do I get my season pass picture taken and pick up my pass?

 Starting the weekend after Thanksgiving, our office will be open for you and your family to come in to get your photos taken and pick up your season passes.  You will be contacted via email with specific days and hours of operation.

11. How do I contact the Ski Patrol?

You can call them directly or go to the patrol room, or if you are on the Hill, have a lift operator radio the Patrol Room for you. Or, if you see one skiing by, just "flag"em down.


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